Our Technology

Advanced technology means better shipping.

Herlache Truck Lines may only be just over five years old, but our employees have been in the industry for years, and know the trucking business inside and out.

That’s why we’ve chosen to enhance and support our operations with the use of Qualcomm tracking software. These GPS/dispatch units installed in each Herlache trailer provide customers with real-time knowledge of the exact location of their shipment.

Not only can we provide to-the-second tracking information, but these units allow Herlache to monitor the speed, fuel consumption, routing, and shifting tendencies of each truck.

This means complete optimization of each HTL vehicle, and savings for you.

Herlache also encourages communication through technology. Whether it be e-mail, text, or phone, we are here when you need us.

Important info!

Do you like the idea of having a PDF on hand to pass around the office, hand off to your shipping manager, or have in your back pocket for quick reference?